Friday, January 11, 2013

Equestrian Family Converts Carpet Technology into Sweeter Slumber with the Invigo Collection

The de Courcy family has a long history in both active/equestrian lifestyles and the carpet business.  One thing leads to another when you pursue what you love, take what you know, and creatively open your mind to the many possibilities.  The Invigo Collection of mattresses, toppers and pillow products was born on a leap frog path from Belgium to Columbus, Georgia, from carpet manufacturing to an entirely new mattress innovation. 

Marc and Barbara de Courcy, both Belgium natives, loved the United States so much that in 1998 they moved to this country and started both a family and a carpet business in Columbus, Georgia.  They brought with them their passion for equestrian sport and posing the perennial question, “why not?”

Their carpet business utilized a revolutionary technology that at the time was seemingly miraculous in preventing stains and odors from permeating carpets. This incredible technology was a game changer in the carpet business.  It would become an even bigger innovation in the mattress business.  After 10 years of successfully developing great products and satisfying carpet customers, the de Courcy family sold their business and took another leap:  carpets to mattresses during  another “why not?” moment. The Invigo brand was born.

Marc de Courcy recalls his intial thoughts about starting a new endeavor in mattress production, "It isn't easy to get started in any business, much less one that has so many established brands, but we just didn't see anything very unique in the mattress world. We felt that if we dedicated ourselves to the things we believe in: high quality, simplicity and eco-friendly products we would make it somehow, little by little." One wonders if this epiphany arrived during a sleepless night in the living quarters of their horse trailer.

The de Courcy’s saw a crucial need and opportunity in the mattress business to offer simple, quality products with new innovations to families with active lifestyles. The goal was to bring affordable natural, latex mattresses to the U.S. and in June 2010, the Invigo collection of mattresses and toppers was created. The de Courcy’s used their expertise and success from the carpet industry to develop mattresses and toppers, unlike any other. Each material used in the mattresses, down to the labels, was carefully chosen for highest quality and certified made in the USA by manufacturers with high environmental consciousness.

After much investigation and lengthy consultations with scientists, the de Courcy’s were able to reformulate the patented odor neutralizing technology for fabrics. This “why not” moment by a sleepless equestrian created one of the most innovative lines of mattresses and toppers today: The Invigo Collection.  This formulation and approach was never before used in the mattress industry. The Invigo Fresh technology is a combination of three unique and powerful advantages:  an odor neutralizer, stain protection and an antimicrobial agent to use. The neutralizer doesn’t masks odors, it controls and eliminates them.  The stain guard makes it harder for stains to penetrate   the fabric, and the antimicrobial agent prevents growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.  This brilliant solution is a non-toxic salt based formula that is environmentally friendly, and it never needs reapplication!

Barbara de Courcy, co-founder of the Invigo Fresh Technology and the Invigo Collection of mattresses and toppers, exclaims “for the first time ever, a mattress exists that actuallys helps keep your home fresh and clean, is comfortable, durable, and reasonably priced.  Then there is the satisfaction of having designed these mattresses and toppers from scratch and seeing them in my own home is amazing to me!”
The de Courcy’s were able to provide a break-through in the mattress industry:  a product that provides a quality night’s sleep on a clean, fresh smelling mattress or topper. These durable mattresses are long lasting and are delivered directly to your door.  The Invigo family of products is widely appreciated by active equestrians, campers, dorm residents, and they are terrific at home too.

 “We knew the odor neutralizer was a definite benefit and knew that it worked in our home, but we had no idea how great it was for our horse trailer!” said Barbara.  The de Courcy’s ride together as a family and the children compete at shows and in combined training events.  You will often see their unique marketing platform “The Relaxation Station” at southeastern equestrian events. In the center of the equestrian vendor villages of tack stores, saddle makers, and such, you will discover an Invigo Collection mattress display. This lovely setting lures curious and tired competitors over to experience the comfort and freshness of the Invigo Fresh products for themselves. Another “why not” moment by the de Courcys.
Relaxation Station at an Equestrian Event        

The Invigo Collection of mattresses, toppers and pillows originates from an active family that created the perfect solution for a good night’s rest for fellow active lifestylers.  The Invigo Fresh technology offers the exclusive ability to help keep homes clean and fresh starting with your mattress. Additionally, it is one of the few mattresses that are made entirely in the USA that you can order directly from the manufacturer and have it arrive at your doorstep in a compact box.

Whether you are foxhunting, horse showing, or trail riding, those restless nights on a lumpy, musty mattress in your trailer’s living quarters can now be a thing of the past, and you’ll still have change in your pocket for those new boots.

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