Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic Equestrian Coverage begins August 4

Today the Olympics start~ Let the Games Begin!  We love the Olympics.  We have posted the link to complete equestrian coverage schedule with NBC on Facebook.  Here it is again:

They have this cool "Alert Me" button, that we couldn't get to work...but give it a whirl.

Tell us who your favorite 2012 Olympic Equestrian is...any team... we are very interested to hear your thoughts!

Go USA!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Western Dressage Association of America Announces Partnership with Taylor Equestrian Marketing

The Western Dressage AssociationÒ of America (WDAA) is pleased to announce its partnership with Taylor Equestrian Marketing. The WDAA serves one of the fastest growing and most inclusive disciplines in the equestrian community, Western Dressage.

"The enthusiastic reception and growth of the Western Dressage discipline and our national organization has been so gratifying and at times somewhat overwhelming.  Our partnership with Topline offers us the expert guidance in building marketing partnerships to benefit our community and our corporate partners.  The future for this discipline is definitely very exciting", Ellen DiBella, WDAA President and founding Board member.

The WDAA combines the training methods of Classical Dressage with the traditions of Western Horsemanship to create a discipline beneficial for both horse and rider. Founders, Eitan Beth-Halachmy and Jack Brainard, developed the association to help build the Western Dressage community. The WDAA strives to honor the horse and celebrate the traditions of the American West while focusing on the importance of the partnership between horse and rider.
Due to increasing popularity of Western Dressage and the WDAA’s success as the leading association in the discipline, WDAA membership is rapidly growing. Both the number of individual memberships and groups forming state affiliates continue to grow. Currently there are seven state affiliates with 20 additional prospective state affiliates, as well as International and breed Alliance Partners. The WDAA’s growth provides a platform to expand the association’s mission to build the Western Dressage community.

The WDAA’s partnership with Taylor Equestrian Marketing will help promote the association’s growth through partnerhip marketing. Taylor Equestrian Marketing, LLC is a brand, sponsorship and promotional product marketing firm serving the equestrian community. Taylor Equestrian Marketing will be working with the WDAA to create sponsorship programs and partnership opportunities.

On behalf of Taylor, we are very excited to work with the WDAA and its Board members. In addition to the board consisting of a dynamic group of individuals, they have a heartfelt passion for their mission.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

TAYLOR EQUESTRIAN MARKETING adds Product Line for Client Marketing Campaigns...

Taylor Equestrian Marketing specializes in building brand identity and loyalty through positive customer relationship programs.   We are excited to announce our ability to deliver to our customers and sponsors additional branded and promotional items,  personalized customer marketing campaigns through greeting cards and gift items, and participation in the new Gratitude Challenge Program!  Learn  how you can send customized, individual cards and gifts to your loved ones and customers.